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Four Vibes

Testo brano

JANE  - Four vibes

Jane was walking on the street
With the tears upon her cheeks,
Trying to get through those memories,
But she hadn't nothing to regret...

'Cause while she was walking and the Sunrise was still far
Something went wrong and all of a sudden Jane felt blue
She was just walking on the street...

When she...

Took a piece of paper,
her crying turned into a river
which was overflowing as never..

She was trembling like a tremor
But she same took the piece of paper
And started writing to

Dear Jane, you would like to put all your fears and emotions in writing
But Dear Jane, you can't
'Cause a piece of paper wouldn't be enough... (x5)

She was wondering how to forget it
N' while she was writing she realized that
A piece of paper couldn't contain
The pain of
A woman's crying
Fakes smiles,
Shiny eyes
Did anyone realize it?
But she was alone in that crowded street,
And she…

Tore the piece of paper
But will the ink stay in her forever?
By now it doesn't matter

All the pieces flew away
Like a long cold rain
That slowly freezed your brain
Still stuck in that day.

But dear Jane,
There must be some way to let the pain flies away
And dear Jane, find it,
'cause life is too short
To suffer for too long


A piece of paper wouldn't be enough
'cause life is too short (x2)
To suffer for so long